Perfect car-mony: Watch students sync horns to play a song

The horns played a version of "Mary Had a Little Lamb". © Gerry Garcia
There’s a new boy band in town - and these guys ride their own instruments.

Gerry Garcia filmed these high school students playing an unusual version of the childhood classic "Mary had a little lamb" after syncing up the horns of three cars and a pick-up truck.

Like many boy bands before them, it's not an original idea.

These folks had the same idea, adding some extra instruments to break the boundaries of a human/car band.

We’re not sure what this "musician" is doing, but it looks like he’s enjoying himself and it probably sounds good in his head.

These guys made an original composition that sounds a bit like the theme from Psycho. Possibly a future Oscar winner for best original score.

The award for most musical mode of transportation has to go to this cruise ship who belted out a very ominous version of The White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” before attempting to cheer us up with a gloomy version of “Happy Birthday”.