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30 Dec, 2015 00:34

Man claims to capture UFO in Bolivian sky (VIDEO)

Man claims to capture UFO in Bolivian sky (VIDEO)

The debate over alien life visiting Earth in unidentified flying objects rolls on, as a video from Bolivia appears to show a UFO hovering over a mountain top.

Mario Prado filmed the “flying saucer” on his phone after spotting it from a window of his home. The object was flying over the city of El Alto, in La Paz, Bolivia.

The clip, uploaded on YouTube by UFO trackers UFOVNI, explains that the sighting occurred on December 6, but the footage only surfaced weeks later.

A saucer-like aircraft can be seen in the video hovering over trees and a mountain before disappearing into the distance.

Some have questioned the clip’s authenticity, claiming it had been digitally altered to increase website views, while one YouTube user simply branded the video as “cr*p.” Another jokingly wondered if it had, in fact, exposed a “cocaine pick up.”

The alleged sighting comes following what people in the states of California, Nevada and Arizona thought was an extraterrestrial visitor to the US earlier this month.

In the end, however, the fireball turned out to be a part of a Russian space rocket.

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An even greater commotion was stirred up by a mysterious, large, comet-shaped object that illuminated the night skies over Los Angeles and San Diego in early November, throwing social media into wild speculation over its origin. Observers hazarded conjectures ranging from a comet fly-by to a zombie apocalypse – that is, until the US Navy finally confirmed that the eerie celestial show had, in fact, been the result of a submarine ballistic missile test off the coast of Southern California.