If you are Putin, what’s the most important event of 2015?

If you are Putin, what’s the most important event of 2015?
Looking back over 2015, President Vladimir Putin has a wide range of important events to choose from to find the one he deems the most significant. But which one did he choose? And what do our readers think?

“We are reflecting on the expiring year and making plans – what we are going to do next year,” the Russian President said at the New Year reception in the Kremlin.

“There were many events in the outgoing year but the most important was the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory [over Nazi Germany],” Putin said.

The president said that the Russians celebrated the anniversary “with honor for fathers and grandfathers whose destiny inspired”.

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This year’s V-day celebrations saw numerous military parades showing off Russian regiments and the army’s newest hardware from Vladivostok to Moscow and Sevastopol. In the symbolic march known as the Immortal Regiment, commemorating the 27 million Soviets killed in WWII, 12 million people filled the streets of Russia carrying photos of their relatives, who participated in the war against the Nazis.

What is the most important event of 2015 for you? Tell us in the comments.