VIDEO: 100 years of Chinese beauty in one minute

VIDEO: 100 years of Chinese beauty in one minute
See how Chinese hair and make-up styles have evolved over the past century.

The latest video from focuses on China. Other videos have featured wedding and lingerie styles over 100 years, a century of fitness trends, and the evolution of beauty in different cultures.

This time-lapse video takes you from 1910s beauty in China up to the 2010s.

The looks were inspired by research in China internally as well as by global trends. In many decades, the styles reflect society at the time, be it the peasant and proletariat look of the 1950s or Korea and K-pop influence of today.

“People should take this video as an introduction, and they should learn - beyond what the looks present- that there’s a huge history behind it all, and that should be the door to learning that,” said researcher Robin Park.

Watch the video on the background surrounding the looks here: