#rechercheParis: Desperate friends & relatives turn to Twitter to find loved ones

#rechercheParis: Desperate friends & relatives turn to Twitter to find loved ones
“I can’t find my daughter”, “my little brother is missing”, “ – these heartbreaking comments have flooded social media under the hashtag #rechercheParis, posted by friends and relatives of Paris attack victims who are desperate to find their loved ones.

Georges Salines has been looking for his daughter Lola since Friday. “I have no information about my daughter Lola,” he wrote, adding a picture of a young woman in her 20s and a #SearchParis hashtag in French.

There was to be no happy reunion for Georges, as tragically Lola was among the 129 who died in the attacks that rocked the French capital.

“I have confirmation of Lola’s death. Thanks to those who help us today,” the grieving father wrote on Twitter.

Another user is looking for his (or her) little brother Derreck who disappeared on Friday after the concert at the Bataclan theater. All the posts have gathered hundreds of retweets from users eager to help in the search for survivors.

Twitter user Amaniden Pan said she is searching for her cousin who hasn’t been seen since deadly assaults… She later wrote that Pierre Antoine was killed in the terror attacks.

Tearful posts saying who else is not among us now have flooded social media.

There are still those who are clinging to hope, desperately praying that their loved ones somehow survived the devastating assaults.

Some of the victims of the massacre have been found but their lives are still hanging in the balance. However, there has been better news for others.

Although Walid Abdel Razzak has been injured, most importantly, he is still alive and Twitter users are saying that this is already a “small victory.”