Russia to double strategic arms tests at central range in 2016 – Defense Ministry

Military personnel take part in a tactical exercise at the Kapustin Yar firing range in the Astrakhan Region. © Kirill Braga
In 2016, the Russian military will conduct twice as many arms tests at the central range of Kapustin Yar as in 2015, a spokesman for the strategic missile forces says. The tests are expected to include some 160 types of armaments for the Defense Ministry and other agencies.

“We plan to test approximately 160 models of different types of weapons [in 2016], which is twice as many as for this year. Tests will be conducted not only for the Russian Defense Ministry, but also for other Russian ministries and agencies,” spokesman for Strategic Missile Forces Colonel Igor Yegorov said, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

The military range at Kapustin Yar, in Russia’s Astrakhan Region, will also be used to research and develop protection of military installations and hardware from adversary’s imagery intelligence and precision weapons, the Defense Ministry said in a press release

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The Kapustin Yar ordnance range is noteworthy due to its climate and geographical conditions, as well as solid R&D capabilities, which allow the Russian military test defensive and offensive weapons systems for all branches of the armed forces. In particular, it’s believed to be the only range to have the capacity to launch ballistic missiles and their warheads in test mode.