'I'm okay': Skier miraculously survives after tumbling 1,600ft down a mountain (VIDEO)

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Hitting the slopes can be a dangerous hobby, and no one knows that better than pro skier Ian McIntosh, who narrowly escaped death after falling 1,600 feet down the side of a mountain in Alaska.

While taking part in the film 'Paradise Waits,' McIntosh fell into an unseen five-foot-deep trench on one of his very first turns. He can immediately be heard through a microphone yelling “No!” when he realizes what has happened.

"From there, my slough took over and there was no way to stop, I pulled my airbag to help prevent against any possible trauma injuries as I tumbled to the bottom," McIntosh said, according to Teton Gravity Research.

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The camera keeps recording as he continues to tumble down the mountain, which is part of Alaska's Neacoloa range. After he falls a distance of 1,600 feet in under a minute, his descent finally stops. McIntosh then shouts “I'm ok, I'm ok.”

Skier escapes death after falling down mountain

He's okay! Skier miraculously survives after tumbling 1,600ft down a mountain

Posted by RT Play on 12 ноября 2015 г.

'Paradise Waits' is a ski and snowboard film, which follows those who “anticipate winter's arrival with frothing mouths” as they encounter numerous struggles.