Death defying birdman almost crashes into stone wall, parachute lines become tangled (VIDEO)

© Funny Bank
Wingsuit enthusiast Jesse had a close shave with death, not once, but twice in the Swiss Alps. He was just inches away from crashing into a cliff face and if that wasn’t enough, minutes later his parachute became tangled.

The birdman swooped low along a dry brook and through an extremely narrow canyon. With space at a premium, Jesse just about managed to squeeze through the ancient stone walls with not much to spare.

If only that would be the only trouble he would experience!  In a matter of seconds, a moment followed that will literally make your heart jump. He opened his parachute, only for the cords to become tangled. 

The adrenaline was pumping and after a little cursing, the birdman sorted out his problems with ultimate professionalism and continued to descend.

To put his feats into perspective, this was Jesse's flight path, as recorded by his winged companion.