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Mars Attack! Musk clarifies plans to ‘nuke’ Red Planet

Mars Attack! Musk clarifies plans to ‘nuke’ Red Planet
Billionaire Elon Musk has spelled out how he plans to create temporary suns over Mars in order to heat the Red Planet. Dismissing earlier comments that he intended to nuke the planet’s surface, he says he wants to create aerial explosions to heat it up.

The founder of SpaceX is looking to use fusion bombs to blast the sky over Mars every few seconds at each pole. This would lead to the creation of two temporary suns, which would provide a power and heat source to the planet.

“What I was talking about,” said Musk, as cited by Mashable, “was having a series of very large, by our standards, but very small by calamity standards, essentially having two tiny pulsing suns over the poles. They’re really above the planet. Not on the planet.

“Every several seconds,” Musk continued “send large fusion bombs over the poles. A lot of people don’t appreciate that our sun is a giant fusion explosion,” he added.

In September, Musk said that he wanted to ‘nuke’ Mars.

Musk explained how in order to make the Red Planet hospitable for humans it should be heated up and the fast way to success was none other than an atomic bomb.

“The fast way is to drop nuclear weapons over the poles,” he said. There is also a longer, tried and tested on Earth way to heat Mars up: to cause climate change by flooding the planet with greenhouse gases.

The transport of choice to reach the planet would of course be - the SpaceX reusable rocket. However, Musk did not seem to be overly concerned about the spectacular failure of the ship’s attempted test flight, which tipped over and exploded upon landing.