Why tanks have no windows: 40cm of bulletproof glass smashed by RPG (VIDEO)

© Crash Zone
A Russian amateur video demonstrates what happens to a really thick piece of bulletproof glass when it is hit by a military-grade anti-tank weapon.

The video was produced by Aleksandr Kotlovoy, a Russian TV presenter who has a career working in several science entertainment shows. He and his crew conducted an experiment to see whether 45 layers of bulletproof glass totaling 40 cm would be enough to stop a hit from an RPG-7, a Russian shoulder-fired anti-armor rocket grenade launcher.

The experiment demonstrated the supremacy of the military technology. The hypersonic propulsion, which an RPG produces to pierce through tank armor, was more than capable of penetrating the multilayered glass and “kills” the crash dummy behind it. It even smashed through a second thick panel of glass a couple of meters in front of it in the hope of dispersing and lessening the impact.

The experiment was meant to demonstrate why tanks do not have large bulletproof windows, according to the commentary on the video.