Strength of Hulk: Man pulls 2 planes with bare hands (VIDEO)

Strength of Hulk: Man pulls 2 planes with bare hands (VIDEO)
A Belarusian power-lifter and one of the world’s strongest men Kirill Shimko showed superhuman strength as he managed to simultaneously pull two Yak-52 planes, which have a combined weight of around 2.5 tons.

The 37-year old strongman was performing his power-lifting stunts on an airfield in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. To the utter surprise of some Japanese journalists who had arrived in Belarus to shoot a film about local attractions, Shimko took hold of ropes, which were attached to two Yakovlev Yak-52 trainer aircrafts.

The planes were attempting to take off but the power-lifter, who himself weighs 130 kilograms prevented this from happening, with just his bare hands. Each plane weights about 1.2 tons and can reach speeds up to 285 km/h.

Shimko has repeatedly established world firsts, some of which are in Guinness Book of Records. In 2009 together with his friend Pavel Soroka, they managed to pull a 31-ton T-34 tank. They also managed to move an Ilyushin Il-76 strategic airlifter which weighs about 150 tons, a 118-ton crane and a 55-ton truck.

In 2013, he managed to pull an 11.5-ton tank, which dated back to the Second World War. The difficulty of this task was due to the vehicles rusty caterpillar tracks, which are much harder to move than wheels.

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