Crossing gaps: Drones can build rope bridges all by themselves (VIDEO)

© Federico Augugliaro
Swiss engineers are exploring ways to use flying robots in architecture. During an experiment at ETH Zurich a couple of quadcopters have autonomously built a 7-meter rope bridge robust enough for a human to cross.

The drones were equipped with robotic rope spools that were used to control the tension of the rope as they were winding them on anchor points – two scaffolding structures – and on other elements of the rope. About 120 meters of lightweight high-performance polyethylene cord was used.

Ways to use flying robots in architecture

Flying robots build bridges all by themselves now

Posted by RT Play on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The bridge was tested by the engineering team working under Professor Raffaello D'Andrea.

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Previously, researchers programmed quadcopters to build a 6-meter tower from foam blocks for an exhibition in France.