Nothing to see here, just seal riding a whale

Nothing to see here, just seal riding a whale
If you think a cool ride is something involving Xzibit, subwoofers, or huge plasma screens for doors, then looks at this photo of a seal casually traveling on a humpback whale, because ... why not?

Australian photographer Robyn Malcolm was taking photos of sea life near Eden, New South Wales, when she saw something strange in the water.

“I was not sure what it was,” she told ABC News. While looking through her photos and deleting the bad ones, the photographer realized that she had actually captured a chilled-out seal hitching a ride on a whale.

Malcolm speculated that the whale may have lunged for food (although surfacing for air is more likely) and arrived at the top directly under the seal – so the seal found itself on the whale’s back. The seal looks as it was born to surf.

The Australian seal is not the only “wildlife rider”. A Florida man recently snapped a dangerous raccoon rodeo: It was standing on the back of an … alligator. The author of the photo which thrilled the internet, however, said that the raccoon stood on the predator for only a second before scurrying away into the forest.

Florida is the homeland of many brave animals, who apparently have no respect for the dangerous alligators. What about this egret?

Indonesia, however, is where tempers are ultimately tested. There, Andri Priyadi captured a snail creeping onto a saltwater crocodile's nose. The curious mollusk even moved around the crocodiles jaws and still managed to escape.

But nothing can quite compete with the flying woodpecker-weasel combo. You already know all about it so we just leave it here.