Groups of refugees sneak into Hungary through hole in fence by night, RT reveals

RT accompanied a group of Syrian refugees illegally crossing the Serbia-Hungary border under cover of night in the pouring rain. Police guarding the border fence turned a blind eye to the intruders.

After walking many kilometers in bad weather by night while carrying toddlers, a barbed fence guarded by police was no obstacle, RT’s Daniel Bushell found out. He followed a group of Syrian refugees seeking to illegally cross the border between Serbia and Hungary through a hole in a fence, and thus reach the EU.

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The refugees told Bushell there are “some people” who take money to get asylum seekers to Belgium or Germany without fingerprinting; something many asylum seekers are trying to avoid.

“We’re afraid this fingerprinting in Hungary. If they let us go without [finger]printing, it’s better,” a refugee at camp near Roszke, Hungary, told RT. “A lot of people go without fingerprinting. It’s better for them and it’s better for us.”

With thousands of asylum seekers turning up daily, many of whom refuse to identify themselves upon arrival, there are at least 40,000 unregistered migrants in the European Union, making security a major concern.

The RT crew saw no effort whatsoever made by Serbian police to stop the refugees from illegally crossing into Hungary. Police officers refused to comment to RT, saying they didn’t have authorization from their bosses.

While torrents of people have been pushing their way through Hungary, Austria, and Denmark towards Germany and Sweden, transit nations seem to have abandoned the EU rules, allowing refugees to proceed to their final destinations without even trying to register or control them.

Meanwhile, there is growing concern that Islamic State fighters (IS, formerly known as ISIS\ISIL) are among the arriving crowds.

French media has reported that police are looking for an IS fighter in a migrant camp in the port town of Calais. The man, who is on France’s terrorist suspect watch list, is actually believed to be heading to the UK to commit terror attacks there.

German officials have confirmed that radical Islamic groups are recruiting young male refugees who arrive by themselves and do not have any contacts in Germany.

“The Salafists are trying to use the desperate situation refugees find themselves in for their own goals,” said a spokesperson for the Bavarian division of the German internal security service. “They are trying to talk with unaccompanied youths who have come to Germany without their families and who are in particular need of support and connections.”

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On Friday, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) stated that it “welcomes” the European Commission’s proposal to relocate some 160,000 refugees from Greece, Italy and Hungary, urging EU member states to “open legal channels for migration.”

“It has been increasingly difficult for Islamic State fighters to move people, to move fighters from conflict zones to the West, because governments are on the alert for this sort of behavior,” Max Abrahms, an assistant professor of public policy at Northeastern University in Boston, told RT. “But this kind of refugee flow makes it a lot easier.”

According to Abrahms, terrorists-to-be could “plant themselves in this tide of undocumented people,” while not necessarily belonging to such groups as Islamic State or Al-Qaeda, being “unaligned” or only later after succumbing to the messages of the IS propaganda machine, which reportedly has a strong influence among desperate refugees.