MAKS airshow highlights: No-runway plane, PAK FA 5G jet in action (VIDEOS)

MAKS airshow highlights: No-runway plane, PAK FA 5G jet in action (VIDEOS)
This week Russia hosted one of the world’s biggest aviation events, the MAKS-2015 air show. RT looks back on the highlights of the expo, from the public aerobatics premiere of PAK FA, Russia’s first 5th-gen fighter jet, to historic WWII planes.

The Sukhoi PAK FA is the Russian-made counterpart to the US F 22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II currently in the testing phase.

While the general public could see it flying at previous MAKS air shows, this year the aircraft performed a complex aerobatics program, showcasing its supermaneuverability.

Another warplane to demonstrate its superior flying capabilities was the 4++ generation Mig-35, also still in development.

On the smaller and less-armed part was first-comer Chirok (Russian for teal), a small aircraft that has an air cushion for landing gear. It needs just 100 meters with no trees or big rock to take off, even if it’s marshland. A piloted and unpiloted version will also be available.

Trusty and tried Russian aircraft were at the show as well. The amphibious Be-200 firefighter plane doused a field with tons of colored water.

The aerobatics program included several teams, from regulars Swifts and Russian Knits to debutante team Taurida Wings from Voronezh.

Among the Russian aircraft in the air were six Czech-made L-39C Albatross planes, piloted by the Baltic Bees private aerobatics team from Latvia.

On the ground dozens of aircraft were on display, from Tu-95 strategic bomber to the US-made Douglas C-47, which Russia received during World War II as part of the Lend Lease program.