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5 Aug, 2015 21:38

ISIS threatens revenge on Merkel in German-language video

ISIS threatens revenge on Merkel in German-language video

In what is thought to to be Islamic State’s first ever German-language video, militants have sworn to carry out terrorist attacks in Germany and Austria and to seek revenge against Angela Merkel personally for ‘the blood of Muslims spilled in Afghanistan’.

In the newly released five-minute video, two German-speaking Islamic State (IS formerly ISIS/ISIL) extremists call on the European Muslims to join the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, “to wage Jihad” in Germany and Austria, and “to slaughter each infidel” in their own houses and “everywhere,” Germany’s Die Welt reports.

One of the IS militants also personally addressed the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and threatened to wreak revenge upon her.

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The jihadists say the revenge will be for “the blood of Muslims…spilled in Afghanistan,” for Germany’s participation in anti-terrorist operations there, and also for the arms shipments to those fighting the Islamic State.

Having voiced their threats against Merkel, jihadists in the video executed two hostages, who were reportedly the Syrian government soldiers. They shot the kneeled men up.

The two of Islamists shown in the video were identified by the German media as Abu Omer al-Almani from Germany and Mohamed Mahmoud, also known as Abu Usamah al-Gharib, an Austrian from Vienna.

Mahmoud had reportedly earlier already served four years in jail in Austria for supporting Al-Qaeda, and lived in Germany afterwards, but left the country in 2012 fearing forced deportation. He was later arrested in Turkey and after spending several months in prison, joined IS in 2014.

650 Germans left the country to join the Islamic State, according to an estimate provided by Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière in March.