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Shopping frenzy, social media fuss and jokes in Russia as ruble collapses

Luxury cars, jewellery, fridges and TVs are selling like hot cakes. Russians are rushing to buy retail after 'Black Tuesday’ - the day the Ruble lost 20% of its value. And you can watch it on social media.

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Car dealers are speaking of a “boom” since November - high end brands are being bought off the lot, for cash. Mercedes-Benz and Lexus being the most widely reported purcahses.

“As soon as euro started rising, we sold all cars, even the most expensive,” says a BMW sales rep in Barnaul, southern Russia. AltaiEuroMotors, official Volkswagen dealer in Barnaul, reported Tuesday “only several cars” were left in the shop.

Meanwhile the Russian Lada Granta joined the ranks of the cheapest cars in the world, coming second after Chinese and Indian autos. Currently it costs about 300,000 rubles ($4,500).

RIA Novosti / Alexandr Kryazhev

Home appliance, smartphones, diamonds and computers are also in the pre-bust shopper eye.

Anna Trofimova, Head of PR at retail giant Media Markt told RIA Novosti of “a considerable rise in demand on TV and Home appliances. Sales of TS sets have risen more than twofold,”

RIA Novosti / Ruslan Krivobok

Conusmers scooped up iPhones and iPads at prices over $100 lower than in the US . Apple's Russian website stopped online sales “due to extreme fluctuations in the value of the ruble…”.

Currency exchanges have been overwhelmed across Moscow and local media outlets are reporting get-rich-quick schemes.

RIA Novosti / Ruslan Krivobok

One suicide was reported - a businessman in a luxurious Moscow hotel - due to “psychological overstrain”.

Ruble jokes go viral on social media

Amid the ruble collapse Russian social media is exhibiting its usual knack for humor.

One of the top memes involves teh following:

-What would change if you go back to future?


The fans of famous Star Wars saga didn't miss a moment to compare the fall of ruble with the fall of the Galactic Empire. the ruble is now on twitter where it posts every day, feeling sorry for itself.

The authors of the video below decided to make up a beautiful love story between ruble and a barrel of oil via the plot of famous movie Titanic.

"Do not let go of my hand," shouts ruble with the voice ofLeonardo DiCaprio.

"I'll never let go," oil repeats the famous phrase byKate Winslet.

Some twitter users posted ruble as a sick old guy.

Social media even "invented" spacial treatement for a sick ruble. It included a plantago to "cure" ruble's wounds, asticking plaster and even an icon of St.Matryona, believed have a gift ofhealing.

The Russian bear can water the ruble and it will be strong again, believe other twitter users.

“Did you manage to make a wish?” Euro asks dollar ironically watching the falling ruble

"Everyone! Run!" shouts a ruble plummettng from a multistorey building.

The ruble was also pictured in a "Sad Keanu meme" showing a famous photograph of sullen-looking Hollywood actorKeanu Reeveseating a 'ruble' sandwich.