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28 Oct, 2014 12:17

Russia ‘far in advance’ of Brazil in World Cup preparedness – FIFA Boss

FIFA’s president said Russia will deliver an exceptional World Cup. Sepp Blatter came to Moscow for the unveiling and presentation of the 2018 World Cup logo.

He criticized those in Europe and North America who are calling for a boycott of the cup in Russia, saying that such an approach never works.

“We are not in politics – we are in sports. And I’m sure Russia will deliver an exceptional World Cup,” he said in an interview with RT’s Sophie Shevarnadze.

“Russia is the biggest country in the world,” world football’s boss explained, adding that its location straddling both Europe and Asia has always made it a good contender. FIFA was never going to offer any objection.

He said that the country, four years ahead of the event, was “far in advance” of Brazil in terms of preparedness.

Blatter believes that, contrary to the concerns of many over mixing sports and politics, football can actually be therapeutic and instrumental in establishing international dialogue. He lists Palestine’s FIFA membership as an example, and how the organization has been trying to get the occupied state to meet Israel on the pitch.

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“What we want to do is stand firm when we make a decision. We are going to hold this competition in Russia in 2018. Full stop,” Blatter said.

The FIFA boss came to Moscow on Tuesday to present the upcoming 2018 World Cup logo. The ceremony will commence at 23:30 Moscow time (20:30 GMT) with the logo being projected on the capital’s iconic Bolshoi Theater.

You can watch the full interview with FIFA President Sepp Blatter on Sophie&Co later in the week on RT. Blatter will talk on a range of sporting issues.