Venezuela to revise relations with Spain

Venezuela to revise relations with Spain
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered a review of all relations with Spain citing its Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s support for opposition and criticism of the country’s judicial system.

“I ordered Vice-President and Chancellor Rafael Ramírez to revise all the relations with Spain because of Mr. Rajoy’s unfriendly act of interventionism and the support for the far-right groups,” Maduro said in his speech.

Maduro added that respect for “internal life” of other countries is “sacred” for his government.

He stressed that nobody can pretend to give lessons on democracy to Venezuela. “Respect Venezuela just like we respect Spanish people.”

The president also accused his Spanish counterpart of “promoting political agenda of destabilization” by making evaluating statements about his nation’s legal system and functioning of Venezuelan democracy.

On Wednesday Rajoy met with Lilian Tintori – the wife of jailed opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez - and expressed the EU’s concern over his trial and the necessity to respect his freedom of expression.

Tintori visited Madrid after traveling to other European countries in a bid to attract international attention to her husband’s fate.

Rajoy called for the release of Lopez, who led the 2014 anti-government protests in Venezuela. The opposition leader was arrested in February on charges of arson, terrorism, homicide and conspiracy, and faces 10 years’ imprisonment.

On February 12, thousands took to the streets of Caracas to protest against the Maduro’s government. The rally then turned violent with deadly clashes with government supporters. Authorities accuse Lopez of being the mastermind of the unrest.