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24 May, 2014 04:08

Worldwide march against Monsanto

Worldwide march against Monsanto

A global event challenging the agricultural behemoth Monsanto’s efforts to dominate the world food supply is taking place across the globe as millions of anti-GMO activists join forces against the biotech giant.

  • 25 May 2014

    01:24 GMT

    An anti-GMO rally in downtown Portland which attracted some 6,000 activists has concluded with a big marching band performance.

  • 00:44 GMT

    People of Milwaukee turned out a thousand strong to help plant the seeds of awareness about Monsanto's unprecedented control over our food system in the US and the level of corrupt influence over US government policy-making and regulation of GE crops.

    @YourAnonNews Great turnout for today's @MarchAgainstM#Monsanto#EndMonsanto rally in Milwaukee. pic.twitter.com/fr9bbcW5X6

    — OverpassLightBrigade (@OLBLightBrigade) May 25, 2014
  • 00:05 GMT

    Over 1,000 people turned up at a rally against Monsanto in Vancouver, as Police cordoned streets surrounding the Art Gallery for activists to proceed downtown.

  • 24 May 2014

    23:54 GMT

    Recently, more than 350,000 registered voters in the US state of Washington signed a petition demanding that raw or processed foods sold in state should be labeled. MAM activist in Seattle have gathered in support of this petion and to expose Monsanto's role in food mislabeling.

    Mon$atan & #biotech corps r killing millions of #bees w #toxic chemicals #MarchAgainstMonsantohttp://t.co/O63zV0Xedfpic.twitter.com/M6hXq7z0CO

    — Organic Live Foods (@OrganicLiveFood) May 25, 2014

  • 23:16 GMT

    In an effort to connect to the Hollywood community and urban farming initiatives, activists asked their supporters to bring gardening supplies to educate the local community about sustainable farming methods.

  • 22:59 GMT

  • 22:45 GMT

    Kansas City has also staged a rally to raise global awareness of the impact of Monsanto's insecticides on the environment.

  • 22:28 GMT

  • 22:14 GMT

    In Las Vegas hundreds wore red clothes and gave out flyers to increase GMO awareness as the crowd marched through the Strip protesting Monsanto's global practices.

    #MarchAgainstMonsanto in Las Vegas, NV http://t.co/4w3wFN9ouhpic.twitter.com/balOuNwXxu

    — Organic Live Foods (@OrganicLiveFood) May 25, 2014
  • 21:48 GMT

    In Dallas, Texas, MAM attracted hundreds of environmental and food activists that demanded a full boycott of GMO use in US.


    — Wes Howard (@SagaciousWes) May 25, 2014