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Smart phone sales drives electronic retail up

Smart phone sales drives electronic retail up
During the third quarter of 2011 Russian consumers spent 96 billion roubles on electronic goods which have increased retailer revenues by 21% year on year with smart phone sales up 72%.

Telecom Daily attributed growth to a significant increase of revenues from sales of mobile computers (laptops & net books) as well as boom of sales of smart phones. “Over 10.5 millionmobile phones were sold in the 3Q2011,whichis 8.9% higher than in the 3Q2010. In money terms the market rose by 9.8% to 45.5billion roubles.”According to mobile retailer Svyaznoy, smart phone sales provide the biggest contribution to mobile phone sector sales.“The sales of smart phones jumped by 72% year on year in the 3Q 2011 with almost 2 million phones sold. In money terms the market grew by 55% year on year and reached almost 22 billion roubles which is a 49% of total mobile phone sales. While sales of traditional GSM cell phones fell by 3% which is a net cut of 24% in money terms”

“Over the 9 months of 2011 almost 5 million smart phones have been sold for almost 53 billion roubles in total. Thus the sales of smart phones for the 9 months of 2011 doubled in number of units sold and were 71% up in money terms.”Smart phones are squeezing out traditional GSM cell phones not only in quality advantages but also in cost and variety. Telecom Daily says Nokia remain the leading position in the low cost segment, with most popular models costing between 3000 to 5000 roubles.Smart phones have become 10% cheaper in Russia with the average retail price around 10,600 roubles. The Russian market of smart phones continues to grow strongly. Russia's share in global sales also increased.