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Nanotechnology forum push on hi-tech

With hundreds of companies from all over the world in Moscow hoping to find out what Russia has to offer in terms of nanotechnology, Business RT spoke with Mikhail Lifshits, Director for Hi-Tech asset development at Renova.
RT: Which specific nanotechnology project will change peoples lives

ML: “The project which we are moving, as an example, is the centre of the coating solutions, it’s called by Renova. Much more important things we are trying to build now is the Skolkovo project, as you mentioned, and event we have now is not a good indicator that everything is going smooth and well, but at least government and business society have brought an attention to hi-end areas of the economy and its going from year to year."

RT: You are one of the major builders of solar panels in Russia – it doesn’t seem the sunniest country in the world, it seems a bit strange to a foreigner.

ML: “When you are talking about such a product, it is not only the country oriented. Certainly if you see the insulation map of Russia, it is not the sunniest place, but don’t forget about neighbors from the south part, and don’t forget that technology – thin film technology, which is everything going behind – is a driver, and it’s a step forward, and in truth its more an export oriented product."

RT: What targets have you set for Renova, in renewables and new sorts of energy? Have you got a target in terms of position, in terms of turnover?

ML: “We already have some assets in Europe which are dealing in renewable energy. We are already operating, we are going to produce solar energy. Which means we are going to build more operational units, with all the business which is going behind.”