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Interview with Sergey Korolyov

Sergey Korolyov is Deputy Director General of Agroleasing, a state-run leasing company.  He joined Russia Today in the Krasnodar region to comment on government projects to help local farmers.

Russia Today: How do you find the agricultural system and how are you turning it around?

Sergey Korolyov: We have been working with the Krasnodar region for about five years and the leasing portfolio of our company with this region is valued at about € 70 MLN already. We supply different kinds of equipment. The region is really the leading area in Russia in the agricultural sector. And I think this is due to its people, its climate, and in no lesser degree, to federal and regional support.  So, we invest everywhere: in animal breeding, in machinery – combine harvesters and tractors, and I think our co-operation will be go from strength to strength.

RT: That is a lot of money that that the state has invested – € 70 MLN . How do you decide who gets it and who does not?

S.K.: Of course, all farmers who apply have to go through a rigorous assessment process. So we usually get their business plans because we need to know what they are going to do with this equipment.  Also, we are responsible for the money that we get from the government. But in practice the procedure is quite simple. You have to come with an application, pay 7 to 10 % gross up front, and repay the rest within 5 to 10 years. So these are quite comfortable conditions for the farmers.  We're offering them easy and cheap financing.