Interview with Frank Maguire

Frank Maguire, business guru and the Head of Corporate Culture at the U.S. courier company Federal Express has spoken to Russia Today about his vision of effective management. Maguire shaped the corporate culture at Federal Express. During an intern

Russia Today: What in your opinion is the level of customer service in Russia and what are some specific ways of improving it?

F.M.: I think there are many ways it can be improved. And I think it needs to be improved. What I believe we need to do in Russia is to listen to the customer, to be in touch with him. Communications is the critical test of this generation. So we need to listen to our customers and we need to listen to our employees. They know much more about the company than we give them credit for. So, I think this is a great deal of room for improvement and I am sure you will get there.

RT: What is your forecast about Russia