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MOSCOW, NOVEMBER 26#Romanovs100 AR Family Photo Album, an augmented reality book created by RT’s #Romanovs100 multimedia project, has taken home a Shorty Social Good Award, which recognizes works with a socially positive impact, and an Epica Award, for achievements in marketing and advertising. 

The #Romanovs100 book marks the centennial of the Russian royal family’s execution. It combines the photos taken in the beginning of the 20th century with the augmented reality technology. Through the Romanovs100 app readers can access over 60 AR elements of the book, including interactive galleries, colorized photos, and VR animations. 

The #Romanovs100 book won in the Best use of Images category of Shorty Social Good Awards. RT’s AR photo album also took second place in the Virtual/Augmented Reality category of Epica Awards. 

The #Romanovs100 project, produced in collaboration with the State Archive of Russia, was launched across four social media platforms — YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thousands of photographs from the Romanov family archive were published, making this the most complete photo collection of the royal family to ever be created. 

Earlier, the team behind #Romanovs100 undertook a year-long social media-based historical reenactment in the #1917LIVE project, which recreated the events of the February Revolution in real time by publishing a series of tweets from the accounts of notable historical figures of the time, including Tsar Nicholas II and Vladimir Lenin. The project also included contributions of university professors from the US and UK, along with the world-renowned Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. 

Between them, RT’s #Romanovs100 and #1917LIVE hold over 50 international awards, including the Drum, Clio Entertainment, Promax, Shorty, Webby, Red Dot, ADC, Epica and New York Festivals. RT’s projects are also four-time finalists of one of the most prestigious competitions in marketing and advertising, the Cannes Lions.