MOSCOW, OCTOBER 2, 2014 – RT earned nominations for the 2014 International Media Excellence Awards in the Live Journalism Television category with reporting on the anti-government protests in Kiev, Ukraine, and in the Specialist Programme category with documentary feature Zashto?, which highlighted the human toll of the NATO bombing of Belgrade on the 15-years anniversary of the campaign.

In Ukraine, RT correspondents Alexey Yaroshevsky and Peter Oliver reported live as protesters poured into Maidan Nezalezhnosti – Kiev’s Independence Square – on January 22, 2014. RT operators captured exclusive footage as dozens of masked rioters pelted police with rocks and Molotov cocktails, while regiments of “Berkut” special forces tried to hold them off and secure government buildings.

To make Zashto? (Why?) two RT journalists – one American, one Serbian – travelled across the former Yugoslavia to explore the impact of the 1999 military campaign against Belgrade and the media onslaught against the Milosevic regime. Anissa Naouai and Jelena Milincic met the people still traumatized to this day by the 3-month bombing, and discovered the very different ways the war was portrayed – and perceived – in Serbia and abroad.

In its categories RT will be competing with CNN, BBC, Bloomberg TV, TVE Spain and Voice of America, among others. This is the 10th year that the AIB – Association for International Broadcasting – is celebrating the best in international television and radio programming. The winners of the 2014 competition will be announced on November 5th in London.