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‘Cut off the baby factory’: Baffling ‘population-control ASMR’ video leaves internet dumbfounded

‘Cut off the baby factory’: Baffling ‘population-control ASMR’ video leaves internet dumbfounded
While the internet is home to some truly bizarre videos, the “multi-dimensional team” of the “Angelic Initiative” on YouTube may take the cake with their efforts to “manifest the divine plan” by encouraging abortion.

In order to get spiritual healing, guided by the angels themselves, and to find divine truth, the first steps are to work toward the elimination of 6.5 billion humans and make some kind of inexplicable arm movement above your head… also, abortions.

As video of the two self-described “host-presences” explaining their Malthusian views on population control in gentle-affirming voices started to make the rounds on Twitter, generating millions of views, people began the daunting task of attempting to figure out what is actually going in the clip.

Others suggested that the two might be working in the viral ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’ (ASMR) genre, where gentle voices and soft sounds are used to stimulate tingling sensations in listeners. Only, in this case, the focus is the not-so soothing topic of controlling the world’s population.

Hypnotizing gyrations and soothing tone aside, their anti-motherhood message didn’t sit well with a number Twitter users not ready to take their presumably expert advice on the planetary dangers of having children.

One element that seemed to catch a lot of attention is one of the woman’s tendency to repeatedly say “that’s true” in an NPR voice after every other statement by her co-host.

Skipping through the catalog of the over 1000 EPISODES of the Angelic Initiative, it is clear that her catchphrase for gentle affirmation has been a staple of the show for the last 4 years, whether it is on the topic of solving corruption, rescuing the souls of dead children, or deciding which trees are cool.

Some creative explanatory remixes have also been made by those presumably so confused they decided to create their own explanations for the women’s bizarre behavior.

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