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22 Aug, 2017 18:57

Curvy tornado plows through Black Sea near Sochi (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Curvy tornado plows through Black Sea near Sochi (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

At least two tornadoes have been spotted at sea just off the southern Russian city of Sochi. One of the whirlwinds attracted huge attention from online users thanks to its highly irregular form. The tornadoes did not inflict any damage.

Several tornadoes were seen along the coast near Sochi on Tuesday, flooding social media with numerous photos and videos.

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The peculiar weather occurrence was not completely unexpected, as the emergency services in the Krasnodar Region issued tornado warnings ahead of the whirlwinds.

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Some social media users reported that they observed as many as five tornadoes.

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One particular tornado attracted much attention due to its highly irregular form, with one of the segment of the whirlwind moving almost parallel to the ground.

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“The waterspout did not reach the shore, dissolving in the open sea. The tornado did not inflict any damage, no complaints from the population were registered,” emergency services in the Krasnodar Region told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. “Based on our experience, we can state that whirlwind formations at sea might continue until mid-September.”