‘Unite the Right’ organiser punched, forced to flee press conference in Charlottesville (VIDEOS)

‘Unite the Right’ organiser punched, forced to flee press conference in Charlottesville (VIDEOS)
Jason Kessler, organiser of Saturday’s ‘Unite the Right’ rally, at which a car driven by an alleged white supremacist plowed into a group of counter-demonstrators killing a 32-year-old woman, has been punched in Charlottesville.

Kessler, a former Daily Caller writer and far-right activist, was giving a press conference, during which he was drowned out by angry protesters chanting, “Shame, shame, shame,” as well as cries of “fascist” and “murderer.”

Kessler response was to say that “the hate that you hear around you, that is the anti-white hate that fueled what happened yesterday.”

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He then went on to blame police officers for the car attack by alleged white supremacist, 20 year old James Alex Fields, saying: “What happened yesterday was a result of the Charlottesville police officers refusing to do their job. They stood down and did not follow through with the agreed security arrangements.”

Just under three and a half minutes into Kessler’s speech, he was approached by two protesters, one of whom is heard shouting, “Indict for murder now.” Then more protesters gathered around Kessler and seconds later he was seen fleeing, following a punch by a large man in a checked shirt.

Kessler was chased by a number of protesters before being protected by police, that he had just moments previously blamed for the Saturday’s violence.

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The 'Unite the Right' rally was organized to protest the removal of the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park. It was canceled after a state of emergency was declared.

In total, three people died throughout Saturday. After the death of Heather Heyer, two police officers were killed when the helicopter they were monitoring the protest in crashed.