Policeman stops traffic to dance with a total stranger in Stockholm (PHOTO)

Policeman stops traffic to dance with a total stranger in Stockholm (PHOTO)
A police officer and a motorist turned to the tango to spice up a meeting of car enthusiasts in central Stockholm last weekend.

Ronja Ferm had been playing music with friends in their rustic pink Chevrolet Belair during Stockholm Cruising, an event for drivers of classic cars, Saturday when she was spotted by police officer Anton Larsson.

The officer wasn’t long asking Ferm to take a turn around the asphalt.

"It was a spur of the moment idea. The atmosphere, the music, and then the opportunity arose and I took it," Larsson told The Local. “Dancing is so nice and spreads such joy, both to yourself and others.”

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The moment was captured by photographer Petra Griner Lewén who, when speaking to Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, said that Larsson had to first stop the other cars on the road in order to get his dance – surely not a move found in the police officer’s manual.

Such was the warmth of the scene, Griner Lewén quickly published the image online.

"It was absolutely wonderful, clean cut happiness and warmth," she told the tabloid. "I almost never publish anything publicly on Facebook, but this picture I thought was so nice."

Speaking to RT.com, Ronja Ferm said she has been "overwhelmed by the positive comments" she's received since the photograph was published. 

"All the reaction has been positive," she said. "I have also talked to the police officer since and thanked him so much for the dance."

Larsson, too, has been blown away by the reaction to the snap.

"It's great fun to have the opportunity to show another side of the police," Larsson told Expressen.