‘Guardian of the Galaxy’: 9 year old pens endearing letter for six-figure job at NASA

‘Guardian of the Galaxy’: 9 year old pens endearing letter for six-figure job at NASA
A self proclaimed 9 year old “Guardian of the Galaxy” has made a convincing pitch to Nasa in response to a job opening at the space agency.

Nasa recently made waves online with the news emerged of a new job opportunity to fill the position of Planetary Protection Officer.

While the title may seems to be pulled straight from a sci-fi movie, the reality of the job is not as exciting. The role entails promoting responsible space exploration, protecting Earth when they bring back samples from the Moon, as well as protecting other planets and moons from our own germs while exploring the Solar System.

Not to pass up on this once in a lifetime opportunity, one enthusiastic applicant from New Jersey penned an adorable handwritten letter, pointing out all the reasons he is more than suitable for the position.

In the letter, fourth-grader Jack Davis asks to apply for the six-figure position, arguing that despite his age, he thinks he would be “fit for the job”.

He considers himself somewhat of an alien aficionado, having seen “almost all the alien and space movies.”As well as his sister touting him as an alien, he also believes his tender age is an asset to the agency, as he can “learn to think like an alien” before signing off as “Jack Davis, Guardian of the Galaxy”.

Clearly impressed, Dr James L. Green, director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division swiftly responded to the youngster’s application, commending him on his interest in the position.

He goes on to tell him more about what the role entails, before wishing him luck in school and that he hopes to see him at NASA in the near future.

Jack’s letter obviously made an impact as NASA didn’t stop there. Jonathan Rall, planetary research director at NASA also got in contact to congratulate him, according to NASA’s press release.