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25 Jul, 2017 14:42

Ratatouille: French mayor eats giant rodent as bet backfires (VIDEOS)

Ratatouille: French mayor eats giant rodent as bet backfires (VIDEOS)

The mayor of a French town followed through on his promise to eat a rodent after losing a bet on a Champions League football match.

With French side Paris Saint-Germain 4-0 up against Spanish giants Barcelona after the first leg of their knock-out tie earlier this year, Charles Dayot, the mayor of Mont-de-Marsan, was so confident that PSG would qualify that he promised to eat a rat if Barcelona managed to overcome the seemingly overwhelming deficit.

Following Barcelona’s stunning 6-1 victory in the second leg, however, Dayot was forced to eat his words, or rather, a rodent.

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“If Barca qualifies, I'll eat a rat and I'll vote for [left-wing presidential candidate Jean-Luc] Melenchon,” Dayot said, according to French newspaper Sud Ouest.

On Saturday the mayor of the town in the south-west of France finally fulfilled the forfeit during the town’s Fetes de la Madeleine festival.

Sitting at a table adorned with PSG and Barcelona football shirts the mayor helped himself to some wine before dining on a coypu, a large semiaquatic rodent, which had been fattened up and cooked by one of his friends.

In a video shared by Sud Ouest, Dayot said the rodent was "very well cooked" and tasted "a little bit like rabbit.” Despite this he said he will “never bet again.”

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