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23 Jul, 2017 12:16

'Stop, EU': Giant anti-migrant message ploughed into Italian field (VIDEO)

A large-scale piece of crop art intended to send a powerful message on the migrant crisis has been ploughed over on a field near Verona, Italy.
'Stop, EU': Giant anti-migrant message ploughed into Italian field (VIDEO)

Impressive aerial footage of the land art which depicts a vessel with the word ‘Africa’ next to a vertical line reading 'Stop, EU' was captured Saturday in Castagnaro.

The artwork also includes the phrase 'Ius Soli No' beneath the vessel – a reference to the proposed nationality law which would grant Italian citizenship to second generation immigrants born in the country.

Currently, the children of immigrants must wait until they are 18 to apply for Italian citizenship. This new law would grant citizenship to foreign babies born on Italian soil and to children who have spent at least five years in the Italian school system.

Created by land-artist Dario Gambarin, the work was made by free-rotating with a tractor, plow, and harrow.

Gambarin told L’Arena that his intention with the art piece is to reiterate his view that a common and shared solution to the migrant crisis must be found by Europe as a whole.

"The problem of migrants in the sub-Saharan Africa touches on the whole of Europe and it is not only Italy that is seeking structured solutions,” he said.

“I think it is right that these people are helped and accepted, but it is necessary to punish human traffickers.”

Gambarin is well known for his politically based crop art, hitting headlines earlier this month for his giant portrait of Vladimir Putin ahead of the G20 summit.

The 135-meter depiction of the Russian president was created in the hope that the upcoming G20 summit would be successful, Gambarin said.

Other famous political figures to have their faces etched in cornfields by the artist include Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Nelson Mandela.