‘Not made of sugar’: Putin shrugs off badass downpour pic

‘Not made of sugar’: Putin shrugs off badass downpour pic
It was a memorable day for Russian social media when Vladimir Putin went out to lay a wreath at a WWII memorial near the Kremlin. In a massive downpour and without an umbrella, photos of the drenched Russian leader flooded the internet. And people only had one question…

Why didn’t he have an umbrella?”

Not surprisingly, the children he was speaking to in Sochi brought this up.

With all the judo and bare-chested horse-riding, most would agree that the Russian president is made of tough stuff.

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So when asked why he didn’t use an umbrella at the ceremony at the Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Moscow, where he laid the wreath on the Day of Memory and Sorrow in late June, Putin replied: “I didn’t even think of getting under an umbrella as the wreath was being laid,” Putin said, adding, that Russian soldiers fought day and night in any weather during the World War II. “People lived there and died there. That’s such a horrible situation.”

“It’s not that I had thought of something or not, or had made a decision. It didn’t cross my mind that I should’ve acted differently. I think it’s normal. We aren’t made of sugar, we won’t melt.”

“The rain hit unexpectedly. Rain is known to start suddenly,” Putin quipped.