‘AntiFa leader Kevin’ trolls Fox News with bizarre TV interview (VIDEO)

‘AntiFa leader Kevin’ trolls Fox News with bizarre TV interview (VIDEO)
The self-proclaimed “unpredictable provocateur at the helm of Antifa” who prides himself on “smashing the fasc” has ruthlessly trolled both Fox News and CNN in yet another damning indictment of the fourth estate in the digital age.

BG Kumbi (Balaclava Gulag Kumbi), also known as ‘Kevin,’ was invited on the Fox News show ‘Watters’ World’ on July 15 to discuss the increasing violence witnessed at Antifa (anti-fascist) rallies in recent months.

Host Jesse Watters began the segment by questioning Kevin over an open letter he allegedly penned calling for liberals and progressives to adopt a more hardline approach.

"It is time for liberals and progressives to lose their illusions about the anarchist movement and our tactics because, quite frankly, you have no-one else willing to fight for you," the letter read.

Watters then pressed Kevin on the violence which had been prevalent at Antifa marches in recent months with Kevin claiming "right-wing infiltrators" were responsible for the majority before adding that violence is the proper defense against "racists and xenophobes" under the current "Drumpf" administration.

Kevin's trolling reached a whole new level when he was asked about a police horse that was stabbed in the neck at a recent protest, reportedly by a member of Antifa.

When asked if the horse was a "racist Trump supporter," Kevin replied "yes" calling the animal a "tool of the police."

His repeated use of the word ‘Drumpf’ is a reference to a hugely popular segment on the late night political satire show ‘Last Week Tonight,’ which immediately went viral.

Eric Trump retweeted Infowars’ Editor-At-Large Paul Joseph Watson who both seemingly fell for the troll.

White House Bureau Chief of the Washington Post Philip Rucker claimed that he and other reporters were present when President Donald Trump was watching this particular episode of ‘Watters’ World.’

Kevin subsequently posted a video in which he claimed that he throws bricks through his own window and blames it on the alt-right and spray paints swastikas on his own synagogues, just to make “Drumpf supporters look bad.”

In his video, Kevin refers to CNN and Fox News as "Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dumb" respectively, adding that he has “one goal and one goal only: utter freaking chaos.”

“This is what I do all day, I just mess with news all day,” Kevin said.