‘Mystery’ of red bag in Putin’s car revealed

‘Mystery’ of red bag in Putin’s car revealed
If you were trying to guess what was in the red bag held by the mysterious “lady in red” in Putin’s car (who turned out to be a security officer), now you have your answer, directly from the Patriarch’s press secretary!

“The president arrived driving his car, opened the back door, behind which there was a security service officer (which is logical), holding a red [bag] with an icon inside,” the press secretary, Aleksandr Volkov, wrote on his Facebook page.

“I held this [bag] 10 minutes later myself, so I can assure you that it was a heavy icon, and the president would have hardly been comfortable with carrying it himself to the cathedral,” Volkov added.

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His post follows a day of media hype over the “mysterious passenger” that Putin was driving on his trip to the Valaam Orthodox monastery in northwest Russia. The video instantly caused gossip of a possible “woman in a red dress,” who has Putin for a driver and can wave him away as she pleases.

However, the passenger was really a member of Putin’s security staff, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. The president opened the door to “get something” from the back seat, he said, and apparently it was a suit jacket that Putin is later seen wearing.