Rampaging bulls gore 12 at Peruvian ‘tail-pulling’ festival (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Rampaging bulls gore 12 at Peruvian ‘tail-pulling’ festival (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
At least 12 people have reportedly been injured during the annual Toro Chutay bull-running festival in the Peruvian region of Huancavelica.

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Despite its dangerous reputation, every year families flock to the region to take part in the traveling three-day bull festival in Yananaco, Ascension and San Cristobal.

According to local reports, the festival consists of bullfighting, bull running, traditional music performances, alcohol and, for some, a trip to the emergency room.

During Monday’s activities in Ascension, a man standing by a wall was gored by a speared bull and thrown to the ground. Other bloodied men fled the scene while spectators screamed and cheered.

While most watch the activities from a safe distance, hundreds of people dubbed ‘spontaneous bullfighters’ like to run with the bulls during a festival event called ‘Jala Toro’. 

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Literally translating as ‘pull bull’, the animal is generally pulled through a neighborhood by a rope while revellers chase and taunt it.