Bullfighter viciously gored in throat by 450kg bull (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Bullfighter viciously gored in throat by 450kg bull (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
A rookie bullfighter was lucky to escape with his life after being gored through the throat and jaw by a large bull in his first appearance in the famous Las Ventas bullfighting arena in Madrid.

Thousands of spectators watched in horror as 23-year-old Daniel García Navarrete was gored by the rampaging bull.

Shocking footage from the arena shows the bull upending the young fighter and repeatedly tossing his body into the air as several matadors scramble to try and distract the big beast. Eventually, Garcia Navarrete managed to wriggle away from the bull before being carried out of the ring by his colleagues.

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Garcia Navarete, a “novillero” or aspiring bullfighter who has not yet qualified as a matador, was making his first appearance at the famous Madrid venue, La Razon reports.

The young fighter was hospitalized and his condition is described as "severe,”according to The Independent. He was pierced four times by the bull’s horns, twice through his neck and twice through his jaw. He also suffered a fractured collarbone and muscle and nerve damage.

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There have been a number of recent brutal incidents involving the tables being turned on bullfighters by the bulls. Last month in Spain the famous one-eyed bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla was gored in the thigh and chest, leaving him with a punctured lung.

Meanwhile, in Mexico matador Antonio Romero was left needing reconstructive rectal surgery after he was pierced from behind by the 12-inch horn of a large bull.