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Pornhub celebrates 10yrs online with release of viewers' dirty-minded habits

Pornhub celebrates 10yrs online with release of viewers' dirty-minded habits
Pornhub turned 10 years old on Thursday and in celebration the world’s most popular adult website has treated us to a cache of interesting facts that shed light on the dirty mind of its viewers.

First up, user growth. Pornhub launched on May 25, 2007 and within six months it had one million daily visitors. The following year, that figure had increased fivefold and today the site boasts a massive 75 million daily visits.

How its viewers consume their daily dose of porno has also changed dramatically, as displayed in an infographic published by the site.

In the beginning, and perhaps unsurprisingly, 99 percent of Pornhub’s views came from desktops computers. Today that figure is just 25 percent, with 75 percent choosing to view porn on a mobile.

But what exactly is everyone consuming? There's no hiding from the statisticians, even if Pornhub has started to use encryption so government snoops can’t peep into its viewers private lives.

Bottom of the top ten is Japanese anime porn - ‘Hentai.’ While more to-the-point searches of certain parts of the human anatomy make up the majority of searches.  

The amateur category sits in third place, while the viewer's lust for older women takes second place. The top category searched by viewers was ‘lesbian.’

Pornhub also revealed that it has so much content on the site that if a viewer had started watching when the first telegram was sent on May 24, 1844, that person would still be engulfed in the site’s seemingly infinite annals of porno.