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Canadian PM Trudeau ‘photobombs’ students’ Prom pictures (PHOTOS)

Canadian PM Trudeau ‘photobombs’ students’ Prom pictures (PHOTOS)
Yet another photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone viral after he inadvertently “photobombed” a bunch of students while out for a jog.

The prime minister’s photographer, Adam Scotti, tweeted a photo of the encounter in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Decked out in finery for their high school prom celebrations, the students seemingly fail to spot Trudeau as he nonchalantly jogs along the seawall.

One of the students, Constantine Maragos, told CBC that the group did spot the Canadian PM but were too dumbfounded to comprehend why he was even there.

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“We were just taking photos and hanging around talking, and then Trudeau, he just comes running,” Maragos said.

“At first, we were like, ‘Why is the prime minister of Canada running the seawall?’ And then we started yelling for Trudeau to get in the photo.”

Another one of the students, Cam Corrado, posted the group photo on Instagram. “We were stoked,” Maragos said.

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Pictures of Trudeau posing with people during some kind of outdoor activity have become so frequent that one would be forgiven for wondering if they are a specific tool in the prime minister’s publicity arsenal.

Last August Trudeau was pictured topless at the beach in the background of a woman’s wedding photos. In the same month he took pictures with a family, again while topless and hiking in Quebec.