Rebel without a clue: Twitter maverick Donald Trump strikes again

Rebel without a clue: Twitter maverick Donald Trump strikes again
Donald Trump is the most powerful man on Earth. If this is how he pins a Tweet, then we may need to reconsider all pre-existing notions we have about social media, modern art and maybe even reality itself.

On Monday afternoon, Trump likely ordered a social media staffer to superimpose a screengrab of one of his tweets over an image of Congressional Republicans celebrating the ‘repeal and replacement’ of Obamacare.

Trump’s social media team quickly changed the header image but not before multiple screengrabs were taken – online attention-seeking is a double-edged sword, apparently.

To many, this has been viewed as a social media faux pas, a poor photoshop job, a digital blunder of epic proportions, if you will. 

However, as we wade through the Trump era, one has to wonder if this is not, in fact, some new form of modern-art masterpiece, worthy of his unhinged presidency, that people just ‘don’t get’ yet.

After all, Trump’s online content certainly has an unorthodox flair to it, as exemplified by the over-the-top media-baiting on display in his controversial ‘100 days of Trump’ ad.

Let’s also not forget Trump’s ability to engage with subversive, online counter culture arts.

As with all good art, it may only be after enough time has passed that the wider world truly appreciates the genius that was on display right under our noses the entire time. Take former US president George W Bush for example.