Wakeboarder rides rocky mountain river by horse power (VIDEO)

Wakeboarder rides rocky mountain river by horse power (VIDEO)
Kyrgyz daredevil Almaz Smailkulov, 26, has shown off his mad skills on the rocky Kara-Balta River, wakeboarding while being pulled by a horse.

If you’ve ever tried wakeboarding on a winch or after a boat, you already know how difficult the conventional way of doing it is. 

Although videos of wakeboarding after a horse have been around for some years now, Smailkulov took things to a whole new level braving a fierce rocky river.

“It’s extremely dangerous ¬– be it with or against the current. You have rocks everywhere, and you ride after a horse not a winch, as everyone’s used to. And a horse is always unpredictable – it’s a living being, you never know what’s inside its head,” Smailkulov told a Ruptly crew.

Don’t try to repeat the trick, though – Almaz Smailkulov is a professional rider with Alride boards and has been in the industry for the past six years.

The rider hopes his ‘Kyrgyz style’ of boarding will attract more attention to a sport that’s not very popular in his home country so far.