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10 Apr, 2017 21:37

Bird strikes thrill-seeker at ‘Ferrari’ speeds on newly opened rollercoaster (VIDEO)

Bird strikes thrill-seeker at ‘Ferrari’ speeds on newly opened rollercoaster (VIDEO)

One of the first thrill seekers to experience Europe’s newest and fastest ‘Ferrari’ rollercoaster got more than he bargained for, when a bird slammed into his face during the 110 mile-per-hour ride.

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The dramatic incident happened at the opening of  Ferrari Land at Portaventura World in Spain. The expansion is the largest single development in the resort’s history and boasts Europe’s tallest and fastest ride – the ‘Red Force’ vertical accelerator.

Footage from the opening shows two adrenaline junkies enjoying the terrifying ride, when one of them gets whacked in the face by a passing bird.

The shocked rollercoaster rider brushes the unlucky creature from around his neck and turns to his friend pointing at what appears to be blood smeared on his cheek. He then quickly carries on reveling in the high-speed journey, however.

As the ride comes to an end, he again checks his body and turns around, apparently baffled by what just happened.

It’s not clear if the bird survived the head-on collision.

The Red Force accelerator simulates the sensations experienced by Formula 1 racing drivers as it reaches speeds of up to 112mph in just five seconds.