64yo mom has twin babies taken into care – 3 years after losing custody of daughter

64yo mom has twin babies taken into care – 3 years after losing custody of daughter
A woman who gave birth to twins at age 64 has lost custody of her children after an investigation by social services found there were "signs of lack of protection."

Mauricia Íbañez became Spain’s second oldest mother when she gave birth to the twins in February after undergoing fertility treatment in America. She spent more than a month in hospital before leaving on March 26 after signing an agreement with social services to have a 24-hour support person.

After about 10 days at home it was decided that the mother was unable to care for the babies because of mental health issues. "All the reports conclude that the twins need protection in another setting,” a spokesperson for social services told El Pais.

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Íbañez, who is from the town of Burgos in northern Spain, went through a similar experience three years ago when her daughter was also taken away by social services. The girl, who is six years old, now lives with family in Canada.

The 64-year-old underwent fertility treatment in the US because Spanish clinics refused to provide her with the treatment due to her age.

The retired civil servant presciently told El Pais last month that she feared the children would be taken away from her. “They're so defenseless, so delicate. I'm a bit afraid for them. I just ask God that they don't fall into the hands of social services.”

Íbañez took early retirement from her job in the civil service after being diagnosed with a paranoid personality disorder in her mid 50s. She told the paper that even her own family had been opposed to her having any more children. Her sister sought a court order to prevent her going to the US for treatment, EL Pais reports.

Ibanez's lawyer Juan Carlos Saiz said his client is "devastated and very traumatized,” adding that “the first time this happened was very painful for her. This time it's even worse.”

The hospital where the children were born released a video to announce the birth of the twins in February. “The twins, a boy and a girl, are in good health as is their mother after a planned cesarean section,” a statement said.

Íbañez is one of the oldest women in the world ever to give birth, however she’s not even the oldest from her country. Fellow Spaniard Maria del Carmen Bousada Lara officially holds the world record after giving birth to twins at age 66.