‘Mama gator’ filmed with 16 babies strutting across golf course (VIDEOS)

‘Mama gator’ filmed with 16 babies strutting across golf course (VIDEOS)
For many golfers, a ball in the bunker can be an unnerving sight, but for one woman in Florida, something a lot more unnerving was on display. Sharon Whiting managed to film a mother alligator’s day-long trek across a golf course, with 16 babies in tow.

While playing a round at Charlotte County Golf Course, Whiting charted the gator family’s move from one pond to another over the duration of her game.

Whiting told Fox13 that the young alligators were born at the course in late February and that she believes “Mama gator” was simply relocating her brood as their original pond was drying up.

It was seemingly no easy feat for the upwardly-mobile family, with ‘Mama’ going back and forth between the ponds throughout the day, as well as having to avoid numerous golfers to complete the move.

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“It took her all day, but she finally moved them to the pond and finally joined them,” Whiting wrote on Facebook.