Man miraculously escapes from raging Peruvian mudslide (VIDEO)

Man miraculously escapes from raging Peruvian mudslide (VIDEO)
More harrowing footage from Peru shows another unbelievable escape from the catastrophic mudslide that’s sweeping through Lima.

The video shows a man miraculously escaping the raging flood that swept him away while inside his truck.

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Filmed in the Peruvian district of Chosica on Wednesday, the footage was recorded a short distance from Punta Hermosa, where a woman was recorded making a similar escape after she was swept away by the tide.

At least 62 people have died in Peru due to “rain-related events” since December, reports Reuters, many of which were in the last week as a result of the mudslides after a batch of torrential downpours.

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A state of emergency has been declared in about half of Peru after 1,250 km's of highway was destroyed and more than 56,000 acres of crops were damaged.