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New VW self-driving electric car has no steering wheel & feels like a lounge

New VW self-driving electric car has no steering wheel & feels like a lounge
Volkswagen unveiled its first self-driving electric car at the prestigious Geneva International Motor Show last week, providing a glimpse into the futuristic concepts in early stage development at the German automobile giant.

The concept car 'Sedric' (which stands for SElf-DRIving Car) is the company's first completely-autonomous vehicle, meaning it requires no human supervision. It is unclear if Sedric will ever be produced on a mass scale.

Potential passengers can hail or call-for the electrically powered vehicle through an app or remote control, with users relaying the desired destination via a voice controlled interface.

The vehicles exterior is a box-shaped shell with large swing doors and massive OLED windshield, complete with augmented reality which, according to Volkswagen, “serves as a communication and entertainment center – but passengers can also close their eyes, sit back and relax.”

The interior is spacious and resembles a small living room, rather than the inside of a car, due to the fact that the vehicle does not need traditional elements, such as steering wheel, or a gearstick. The lounge feel of the car is completed with the addition of air purifying plants.

“In the future, fully automated vehicles will enrich the mobility experience of many people. A mobility concept based on intensively used vehicles will take up less space, will consume less energy, and will be safer and more sustainable at the same time,” the manufacturer said.

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