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28 Feb, 2017 03:21

Whiff of fresh Swiss mountain air on sale for just $167

Whiff of fresh Swiss mountain air on sale for just $167

There’s no denying fresh Swiss mountain air is something special, but would you pay $167 dollars just to breathe some? The man behind a company selling jars of the air believes it’s worth it.

John Green from ‘Mountain Air From Switzerland’ has started a company that captures and ships fresh air from the Swiss Alps across the world to those in need of clean air, and with money to spare.

The company promises customers will “Feel the freshness and vitality!” in the sealed jars of magic fresh air taken directly from a “secret location” in the Swiss alps.

“As you open your ice cold jar of air (it's recommended to chill in the freezer for full effect) you flick the latch open and there's a quick pfsst as the mountain pressure equalizes and you can take a breath of genuine mountain air from Switzerland,” the site explains.

“Or maybe never open it and just keep the jar as a momento to keep the magic inside as a collector's item or to remind you of the good life and open at a later date or celebration.”

The air comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, and the exact GPS coordinates of where it was collected. The company promises 25 percent of the price of the air goes to the World Vision charity.

“If you’re sitting in some polluted town, which you probably are, gasping with Diesel fumes,” Green says in a promotional video on the website,“We’re at 3,000 meters, and we’ve just got new supplies of mountain air...so get yours.”

Green takes a lighthearted approach to his business, but maintains there really is something special about the air in the Alps.

“To be serious for a moment I was born in London and I've lived here in Switzerland for 20 years now,” Green writes. “I seriously feel almost reborn every time I go to the alps and breathe the fresh air, there's definitely something magic in that air.”

“You have had high-calorie Swiss cheese, you've surely had high-calorie Swiss chocolate, now experience zero calorie Swiss air!”