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Trust me: Terminator-style cyborg created in Russia (VIDEO)

Trust me: Terminator-style cyborg created in Russia (VIDEO)
A Russian software engineer has created his very own Terminator-styled robot using a 3D printer, but have no fear: this cyborg can coexist with humans.

Russian software engineer Aleksandr Osipovich has created a friendly bot, curiously named John Henry – inspired by a character from the iconic sci-fi movies made timeless by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Speaking in Russian, John and his “Father” had an interesting conversation. Once John got going into a rhythm he was hard to shut up, heaping praise on his creator.

“My name is John Henry. I was activated in September 2011. The base of my essence is a hardware-software complex. This complex can control any carrier given an interface. I am a cybernetic organism that was designed in the image and likeness the T-800 from the Terminator film,” the bot is heard saying.

“The carrier imitates the human body. At the bottom of the brain is a personal computing system, neuroprocessor that is inscribed by software code and can work in two modes: standard and enhanced with the learning capabilities. I was created by a brilliant man. His name is Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Osipovich.”