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‘I saw it on Fox News’: Trump trolled mercilessly for #LastNightInSweden explanation

‘I saw it on Fox News’: Trump trolled mercilessly for #LastNightInSweden explanation
Donald Trump has raised more puzzled eyebrows after he said his reason for citing a non-existent attack in Sweden was based on information in a Fox News TV report.

In a tweet on Sunday, Trump said that his comments about “last night in Sweden” came from a “story that was broadcast on Fox News concerning immigrants & Sweden.”

Not content with his first excuse, Trump appeared to change tack in a second tweet on Monday which attempted to deflect attention from his blunder by blaming the media.

The tweets, however, have not dampened the craze over #LastNightInSweden, with people continuing to respond with anger, bafflement and hilarity to the president’s attempt to clarify his reference to an incident in Sweden about which nobody had heard.

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While it’s no secret that the new president gets some of his information from Fox News, many felt the network is not an acceptable source of information for a person in his office.

It has been suggested online that Trump may have been referring to a Tucker Carlson show aired on Fox News on Friday, which featured an interview with Ami Horowitz, whose documentary on Sweden last year was largely discredited, and who erroneously claimed there were “no-go zones” in the country.

Friday’s show discussed immigration and employment, referring to an increase in gun violence and rape in Sweden, and repeated the claims about “no-go zones.” The show made no exact reference to any particular incident happening on Friday, however.

Seemingly preoccupied with the notion of false information, Trump's 'I saw it on Fox' excuse has many pointing the fake news finger at the president himself. 

 Fox News has previously been in hot water for its reporting. Most recently, it invited the ire of Canadian President Justin Trudeau who blasted the network for claiming the perpetrator in the Quebec terror attack was a Moroccan, when in fact it was a white Canadian.